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Thursday, December 30, 2010

For auld lang syne, my dear

New Year’s Eve
Girl’s everywhere know that this is not just the night in which we ring in a New Year. This is the night that any fashion rule we ever followed goes out the window. This is the night you can get away wearing sequins and sparkles in hopes you blind people when they look your way. Some of us may have waited until tomorrow to find the perfect outfit, some of us have had our outfits planned for days, and some of us could care less. But for those who care, I am offering my input on attire for the big night. Acceptable to wear on New Year’s:: lots lots lots and more sequins, fishnet tights, shorter skirts (I said shorter, not crotch length), feathers, bling bling jewelry EVERYWHERE, the highest shoes you can find, bold colors (think purple, pink), and velvet. Basically anything you can think of. This is the night to throw away the saying, “less is more”. Get to it Ladies!!

Rust Pleat Drop Waist Dress**
45 GBP -
Pleated dresses »

Petites Black Peg Leg Trouser
32 GBP -
Leggings pants »

DKNY Suede sandals
$84 -
Open toed sandals »

Bird Over Stone Ring
$14 -
Stone rings »

Not 'Bow-ring'
$15 -
Bow rings »

Peace: Love: Fashion . . . and a New Year

Friday, December 10, 2010

She Looks Like a Model, Except She Got a Little More Ass

Check out my August 2, 2010 post. William Rast (designed by Trace Ayala and Justin Timberlake) collaborated with Target and the line will debut December 19 through January 22, 2011. Just in time for the holidays!All clothing will be available in stores and online at Some people have criticized the William Rast collection, stating that the clothing is overpriced and similar pieces could be found at your nearest Gap. This was a great business decision for them since the collection will be priced for people like you and me. I can't wait and hope I'm not disappointed.

Images from
I'm in love with the faux leather jacket. Must have!

Peace: Love: Fashion

Thursday, December 2, 2010

I'm a Stereo and She's just so Monotone

Fashion is inspiration. To be who you want to be. To be your unique you. It is about confidence It is without rules It is without boundaries. It is about stepping out stepping up and stepping forward. Fashion does not have a price tag. Fashion does not have a gender. Fashion does not have an ethnicity. Fashion does not have a race. Fashion is powerful and it is a voice. Use your Voice.

Get Inspired: :

Beyonce looking fabulous in Christmas Red

Beyonce Casual

Ashley Olsen

Ashley Olsen

MaryKate Olsen

MaryKate Olsen

Ashley and MaryKate Olsen

Rihanna showing how easy it is to look fabulous... in all black!

Nicki Minaj rocking green hair! Add confidence to your outfit and you can pull off ANYTHING!

Chanel Iman

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Let The Drummer Kick That

Get Excited...... like jump up and down, scream, wave your hands in the air, roll around on the floor EXCITED. GOOGLE (YES GOOGLE) has launched a boutiques version. What does this mean you askkkkkkk.
This means that one website ::::
will allow you to create your own boutique by going through a list of options and picking your likes and dislikes.
will allow you to follow celebrity fashionistas (e.g., Nicole Richie, Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen, Carey Mulligan)
will allow you to follow designers (Tory Burch, Ella Moss, Free People)
will allow you to follow retailers, trends, genres
will identify items you may want to purchase based on your style choices
will make you smile
will free you from daily stress
Thank you Google :) Life just got 10 times better.
Peace: Love: Fashion
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Saturday, November 6, 2010

You're My Butterfly . . . .

It continues to get chilly; even here in GA, the temperature has started to drop. A simple style that has followed us into this season is pairing socks with shoes, whether you choose boots, peep toes, or flats. Socks make for the perfect accessory. Some nights are chilly, but not chilly enough to wear tights. Here is a solution. Wear a skirt and try some knee high socks. This winter, I'm loving wearing knee high socks with high boots. This is chic and in. Something else to remember is that you don't need to match shirt, skirt/pant/shoe. Try mixing and matching. Especially with socks you can always wear a pair of argyle socks with a multitude of colors.
Try it and rock it.
Peace: Love: Fashion

Bold Tank
$34 -
Scoop neck tank »

F5689 Lunettes de soleil
$6.80 -

Rana Heel /clog
$99 -
Platform clogs »

Confluence Boot
$55 -
Ankle boots »

Buckle Strap Tote Bag
$40 -
Forever21 tote bags »

Saturday, October 9, 2010

I've Got a Peaceful Easy Feeling that You Won't Let Me Down

What I love about October:: the weather (warm days, cool breezes, leaves changing) Halloween (pumpkins, candy, costumes) and my new love for October . . . MULBERRY for Target. Yes, the English Luxury Brand is collaborating with Target and the line will be in stores October 10th through Christmas. What this means you might ask... well you know when you browse online staring blankly at handbags on the screen that range from $1,000-$3,000. you're salivating, you're questioning how you could pay (sell your eggs, plasma, there has to be a way) then comes the feeling of acceptance. Unless you win the lottery you will never be able to carry a bag like that... THAT IS UNTIL NOW! Mulberry is known for there impecable high quality and standards. Just because they are designing for Target does not mean they won't live up to what they are known for. Here's a little history: According to Stephanie Sims, Entertainment Reporter, Mulberry was founded in 1971 in Somerset, England by Roger Saul and his mother. This mother-son team started Mulberry and began designing handbags, later branching out into womenswear, menswear, footwear, and even furniture. They immediately became known for the amazing quality of their designs. This is another collaboration like others we've seen before however this is Mulberry's first time collaborating to create a less expensive line. I have a feeling there will be more to come, Lanvin for H & M, Valentino for Gap? These are in the works which means for the first time in my life I actually might own a piece of clothing in my closet that has the label Valentino! I can't wait.

This is what we have to look forward too, minus the ridiculously expensive price. Head to your nearest Target and treat yourself, or others. These purses would make great Christmas gifts.

Peace: Love: Fashion

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