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Saturday, February 19, 2011

the Locusts sang such a Sweet Melody

I have to admit something to all of you. I am a true hippie at heart. If I could move to a field full of sunflowers, not wear any shoes at all, and eat off the land, I would. But those times have past so we have to make due with what we got. I seem to rekindle the hippie in me when spring time comes back to find us. With the warm sun beating down, the flowers blooming, and birds chirping (bob dylan singing in the background) it just doesn't get any better than that. Switching out my wardrobe is definitely my favorite activity to partake in. As I search through my shoes and clothes, I realize that there are so many pieces from last year that are going to be huge hits this year. Wedge sandals, flares, crop tops, neon brights, floral prints: don't worry if you find yourself asking when the last time you bought flares was. that's the best thing about fashion. season pieces like these should not set you back financially. because guess what, next spring they most likely won't be in anymore. you can get a great pair of wedge sandals from target. flares from wet seal. crop tops from forever 21. neon brights from express. floral prints from belk. I would not spend more than $30-$40 dollars on any of these. Anyways, I am dedicating my creation . . . posted below . . . to wedges and neutrals. That's right. Neutrals are VERY much in for spring. Khaki, cream, and white anything also need to make an appearance in your closet. My goal for this spring is to wear a complete neutral outfit. I'm talking neutral top and pants. to me that just spells Chic. and what will i pair this unborn outfit with... Wedges of course. wedges are amazing because they are comfortable and can be worn in a casual way or a dressy way. It's difficult to dress stilletos down, let me tell you. but it is soooooo simple to dress down wedges. Instead of wearing them with a skirt or khakis, pair them with jeans and a t-shirt. put on some jewelry and you have a completely different look.
if you are looking for me, i'm laying in the flowers.

Peace: Love: Fashion:

Stone Belted Trousers
38 GBP -
Miss Selfridge pants »

Freed From Amber Wedge
$145 -
Platform heels »

Wired Heart Ring
$18 -
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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Flashing.... Lightssss

Seriously, I can not wait for Spring! Turquoise shoes, bright yellow maxi dresses, hot pink sunglasses AHHHHHH please get warm soon please get warm soon please get warm soon Start searching for those eye popping pieces now. I have already purchased a pair of bright blue turquoise (Jessica Simpson) platforms. I want to wear them in my sleep, that is how happy they make me. Neon pieces not only look fabulous but make you feel sexy and amazing. So my advice ... throw out all your black, brown, boring hues and invest in a couple listed below. Trust me, you won't be sorry!

Peace: Love: Fashion

$89 -
High heels »

$89 -
High heels »

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