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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Let The Drummer Kick That

Get Excited...... like jump up and down, scream, wave your hands in the air, roll around on the floor EXCITED. GOOGLE (YES GOOGLE) has launched a boutiques version. What does this mean you askkkkkkk.
This means that one website ::::
will allow you to create your own boutique by going through a list of options and picking your likes and dislikes.
will allow you to follow celebrity fashionistas (e.g., Nicole Richie, Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen, Carey Mulligan)
will allow you to follow designers (Tory Burch, Ella Moss, Free People)
will allow you to follow retailers, trends, genres
will identify items you may want to purchase based on your style choices
will make you smile
will free you from daily stress
Thank you Google :) Life just got 10 times better.
Peace: Love: Fashion
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Saturday, November 6, 2010

You're My Butterfly . . . .

It continues to get chilly; even here in GA, the temperature has started to drop. A simple style that has followed us into this season is pairing socks with shoes, whether you choose boots, peep toes, or flats. Socks make for the perfect accessory. Some nights are chilly, but not chilly enough to wear tights. Here is a solution. Wear a skirt and try some knee high socks. This winter, I'm loving wearing knee high socks with high boots. This is chic and in. Something else to remember is that you don't need to match shirt, skirt/pant/shoe. Try mixing and matching. Especially with socks you can always wear a pair of argyle socks with a multitude of colors.
Try it and rock it.
Peace: Love: Fashion

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