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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Target Woes

I promise I am updating on Friday. And I have so much to chat about !!!!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Another one (pair) bites the dust . . .

I’m in the grieving process. It’s pretty serious. My favorite favorite favorite pair of boots are no longer with us. Let me explain. In the winter I live in boots. And although I try and switch it up I always would end up wearing my old faithfuls. I got them on sale when the seasons were changing two years ago. Gianni Bini black leather with tiny gold detail on the back. What can I say …. they went with everything. I guess I realized time wasn’t on their side when I was wiggling my toes up and down, and was able to see my sock. At that moment, a little tear rolled down my cheek. They were great boots. The best really. Good, bad, rain, snow, sun, they were with me through it all. So, farewell my lovely boots. You will be missed.

-no longer being able to stand on their own (tear)

-we had a good two years, we had a good long run together

-I've walked many a mile in these babies <3

Now I am on a mission. Mission = Replace boots. I’m going to scour every store in search of new faithfuls. I’ll keep you updated and let you know how it goes.

Well, to comment about my previous post, I have found a dress. Again I report bad tidings. It is not from Bebe nor is it my Herve Leger from RTR. It is from Forever 21. I’m planning on making it rock though with some accessories I have. When I wear it I will post pics.

PS…. Spring is in the air and I’m giddy. Fashion gets way more entertaining in the Spring.

Peace: Love: Fashion

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