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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Give a little bit. . . Give a little bit of your love. .

When was the last time you bought something knowing that your purchase was actually giving back to someone in need? Let me tell you what I am obsessed with right now. The thought of spending money these days is kind of sickening just for the mere fact that I don’t have any money to spend . . . BUT I figure that when I do have an extra couple of dollars laying around and I do decide to splurge, why not be charitable. I mean I guess if you consider charitable buying something for yourself knowing that a donation will be made thanks to your splurge. So, in order to give back we should all buy a pair of TOMS. Honestly, I think these shoes are super cool and comfortable. You can dress them up or down and the price starts at $44 and goes up depending on color and style. However, for every one pair you purchase, TOMS donates one pair to a child in need. How can you not buy these?
After you buy a pair of TOMS I suggest you browse the Out Of Print clothing website and pick your favorite t-shirt. Out Of Print offers t-shirts displaying classic book covers and other favorites such as Catcher in the Rye, Brave New World, Of Mice and Men, … go check it out! For every shirt they sell, a book is donated to a community in need through their partner Books For Africa. The t-shirts are way cool and would make awesome gifts for friends, boyfriends, parents, anybody you know that enjoys reading.
I suggest that we combine our love of fashion with our love of charity. Let’s give back this month!

check out the outfits below...

Glitter Owl Tee
$20 -
Graphic t shirt »

NYC Foil Heart Tank
$20 -
Tops »

over the knee sock
$8 -
Over the knee socks »

Polly Grey Spot Platform Shoe
40 GBP -
Court shoes »

Saturday, August 21, 2010

She's A Maniac, Maniac On The Floor And She's Dancing Like She's Never Danced Before

A trend that began last fall, stayed hip in the spring, and even was worn this summer is not going anywhere. And we should all be giddy about that. The trend I speak of is socks but not just any socks and not boring white socks. I’m talking thigh high socks, knee high socks, fleece socks, our options are endless. This fall we can pair our socks with skirts, think Cher in Clueless but a little less school girl-esque, and socks with shorts. This way our shorts that we wore all summer can still be worn in the fall. And try socks with a dress and add boots. Easy trick to save money and still look fabulous.
Also falling under the socks arena is tights. Again, back and better than ever. Fishnet tights, if done the correct way, can make any female feel more confident and look sexier than ever. This fall the choices for tights are limitless. And I don’t want to repeat myself but you can wear them with skirts, shorts, and dresses.
I really can not wait to see what we all do with this trend. Have fun with it ladies and own it.

The girl that started it all, our obsession with fashion and knee highs.

Model: Forever 21: knee highs with shorts

Charlotte Russe: Cheetah Tights

Charlotte Russe: Lace Tights

Forever 21: Model wearing rose print tights

Models on the Runway: Fall 2010

JCrew: Socks

Model wearing two trends, knee high socks and leopard print shoes <3

Peace: Love: Fashion:

Friday, August 13, 2010

It's Okay. It's Okay. Seasons Are Changing And Waves Are Crashing.

Fall is right around the corner and that means slight changes to our wardrobes. This season is going to be epic, over the top, anything goes. Think faux fur, leopard prints, mixing prints, oxford shoes, combat boots, plaid, floral, and I can go on. I can not express how excited I am. The theme this Fall will definitely be about mixing dramatically, so one idea would be a faux fur vest with a pair of denim jeans and black combat boots. Or try a floral print skirt with a leather vest and high heels. Probably if you have bee perusing through the magazines, Vogue, Marie Claire, Lucky, you have come across some of these items but in a price range you can’t afford. Well, at least I know I can’t. I have done some looking and found these pieces for an affordable price.

Express: Fur Embellished Vest: $98.00: pair this with black legging and combat boots, denim jeans and boots

Express: Embellished Zelda Jean Legging: $88.00: would look amazing with combat boots

Forever 21: Cheetah Wedge Ankle Boots: $34.80: these would look fabulous with skinny jeans and a simple black long sleeve shirt with amazing accessories.

Forever 21: Perforated Oxfords, also come in black: $24.80: you can wear these with a skirt, jeans, and leggings. a definite investment

Wet Seal: Leather Vest: Clearance $9.99: wear with straight black pants or black leggings with a longer flowy blouse

Belk: Fire Smocked Waist Floral Tier Skirt: Originally $30 Clearance $10.49: love this with patterned tights and black combat boots with a simple t-shirt.

Try all of these looks and most importantly be confident!

Peace: Love: Fashion:

Monday, August 2, 2010

I'm Bringin' Sexy Back... Them Other Boys Know How To Act

More designers are launching lines for Target, which I greatly appreciate. The new comer this December will be William Rast founded by Justin Timberlake and friend Trace Ayala in 2005. William Rast is better known for signature denim and outerwear which is exactly what the line will focus on for Target. The collection will be available for men and women and will be launched in stores as well as online. But make sure to mark your calendars because the line is said to only be available from December 19 to January 22, 2011. Again, thank you Target for allowing us normal folks the ability to own quality pieces for decent prices. I’m really excited about this line since I think Justin Timberlake has a unique sense of style.

Check Out The William Rast Official Website::

William Rast leather jacket: price $395

William Rast ultra skinny-mid hendrix: price $195

The Founders of William Rast :: Justin and Trace

Peace: Love: Fashion:

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