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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

I Wanna Dance, I Wanna Dance In The Light I Wanna Rock, I Wanna Rock That Bodyy

Sophia Bush = Amazing
The One Tree Hill Star went to her blog to oppose an “Eat Less” shirt that Urban Outfitters sold online and is still currently selling in stores. Ladies, this goes against everything we stand for. Despite the images we are constantly surrounded by of celebrities and socialites who are all size zero and always happen to look flawlessly perfect we need to keep in mind that they are also surrounded by fitness experts, trainers, nutritionists, and personal chefs. Needless to say, we need to be healthy for us, for each person as an individual. Most important is that we be comfortable with our own bodies and in our own skin. Kudos to Sophia Bush for standing up for what she believes. Size zero is right for you if that is your size but not if you have to starve yourself or go to great lengths to be that size. On One Tree Hill Sophia Bush plays a fashion designer and her motto is “Zero is not a Size”. Sophia blogs about the t-shirt and Urban Outfitters saying this “To promote starvation? To promote anorexia, which leads to heart disease, bone density loss, and a slew of other health problems, not least of all psychological issues that NEVER go away? Shame on you” Bush also went on to say that she would no longer be shopping at Urban Outfitter stores and was encouraging all of her supporters to do the same. The take home message ladies, No matter what size you are, you are beautiful. It’s about being comfortable in your skin. Keep on rockin and always do YOU!

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