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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Keep Rockin Keep Knockin Whether you Louboutin in it up or Reebokin

Shoes. I am an addict. That is the first step, admitting it. There is something about a unique, well constructed, high heel that I just can not resist. Honestly, I believe that if you wore the same outfit every day for a week but changed shoes, nobody would notice. And as well all know, no matter what size we are, or become, are shoes still fit. Now, I am going to let you in on another little secret someone passed along to me. There is a website, that you can join for FREE, you take a style quiz, and then at the beginning of every month stylists pull several shoes for you to choose from. At this point, you decide if you would like to purchase any (the cost for every and any shoe is $39.99 and there is free shipping). Now you are not charged anything until you make your first purchase. After you do make a purchase, you are considered a member. Which leads me into a minor, slight, drawback. If the next month, you don't have the cash to spend on a pair of shoes or an accessory (yes, they also have purses) then you have to opt out of that month meaning you have to MAKE SURE to go on and click something on the website so that your credit card does not get charged. Now let's get down to real business... the website I am referring to is I'm sure you have heard of it before, it features stylists such as Kim Kardashian, Anya Sarre, Provi Fulp, Heather Zweigel, Melis Kuris, Mal Pearson, and Merika Rock. I just joined in May and haven't purchased anything yet, simply because what I wanted was out of stock. However, let me tell you I am in heaven people. $39.99 for a pair of heels is a steal.

Crystal Shoe with Pink Sole


Featured ADORABLE Mulberry Shoe.. I would have purchased this but it was out of stock :(

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