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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

And I’m headin’ out West sucker….. because I wanna be a Cowboy babyyy

With the top let back and the sunshine shining… Cowboy babyyyyyy… I wanna be a Cowboy babyyyy.. Ridin at night cause I sleep all day. Cowboy babyyyyy I can smell a pig from a mile away … Thank you Kid Rock for getting this party started.

This Image is from Cosmopolitan February 2010:: She's showing off her inner cowgirl

Ok . . . Giddy UP ladies and gents because this style is in and fun. There are tons of different ways you can play with these clothes. You can go full out western or you can just add a hint to your wardrobe. I think some staples for the Western look include brown belts, floral print, denim, boots, but honestly you don’t need all of these. Just one item will give an outfit the boost it needs. And I’m not the type of person that likes to do a trend all out. I like this western style but I most likely won’t do all of the pieces at once. It really does give you the option though to go all the way, pair some short shorts with cowboy boots ! ! Do it ! You will look fabulous. I’m going to insert a funny story here because I feel it is appropriate: I attended Auburn University for my undergrad and every year they have a “rodeo” …. Seriously it is the BEST time you can ever have in a day. My 21st birthday happened to fall around rodeo one year so I decided to go “all out”. I paired high waisted tight denim shorts with a blue American eagle rodeo looking shirt and cowboy boots. As my friends and I were walking into the rodeo, a boy shouted “ Damn, why even wear shorts?” at me. This could have been an awkward situation but see I don’t give a shit and simply responded, “It’s my birthday, I do what I want”. Anyways to make a long story short, DO WHAT YOU WANT. If you see a trend and like it, or only like bits and pieces of it, transform it and make it one of your own. You own it. You wear it and wear it with confidence. Don’t let anybody get you down about what you decided looks good on you. Especially if it’s a dumb guy.

Image from Seventeen magazine:: Owning the style, whether it be with shorts, a skirt, or a dress and cute boots.

My Take::
dress:: Charlotte Russe::
belt:: Charlotte Russe::
boots:: Charlotte Russe::

a little bit more westernized::
dress:: Charlotte Russe::
belt:: Charlotte Russe::
boots:: Nine West::

Be a Cowboy Babyyyyyyyyyyyyy
Peace: Love: Fashion


Anne said...

lulu i love your blog!! miss you!

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