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Saturday, February 27, 2010

If you can't Buy it .... Rent it ... Maybe ? ? ?

Sorry about the lack of posting. Apparently grad school is a time suck. Between class, data collection, and research I barely have time to …… read up on all of my trashyyyy celebrity gossip and immerse myself in fabulous fashion magazines. Enough about that, let’s focus on what is making me giddy these days.
The Kardashians have a new line at Bebe. I have always been a Bebe fan and although a bit more expensive, you can always find a unique piece from there. I have a pair of suspender gray pants and a pair of 6 inch purple heels a la Bebe that change my life when I put them on. Bebe has been the place for me, many years in a row, where I find that perfect dress no matter the occasion. I guess at 22 I’m in that no man’s land of not being able to shop in juniors anymore and not wanting to outdate myself, while most importantly, not spending a ton of money. Bebe carries dresses that you can wear anywhere, beach, wedding, date, family affair. I really think it is worth the money.

Kim Kardashian wearing a black one shoulder dress:: Kardashians line by Bebe::
Potential Contendor
So, I’m in a predicament. I have a formal event in March and am really wanting to buy (maybe, rent) a new dress. Rent ? ? ? Ok I know you’re thinking “What the hell is she talking about?” or “That’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard.” Let me tell you, when I was home over Christmas break I was reading Cosmo. I believe it was Cosmo since I read it religiously every month, that’s neither here nor there, and I saw an ad about Rent The Runway. Normally I don’t check these websites out because they are all the same. I never really got into buy, borrow, or steal or whatever website that is which nobody had heard about until the Sex and the City movie made it famous. That website’s premise is similar to Rent the Runway (RTR) but not quite. Seriously whoever comes up with these genius ideas, I praise them. RTR lets you browse through tons and tons and tons of designer dresses think Herve Leger, Tracy Reese, Alice + Olivia, Cynthia Vincent, Proenza Schouler, ...... and more and more and more and I just can’t express…. Ok I’m like a kid on Christmas morning when I go to this website. Anyways, from here you pick a dress which you can browse by size and even price range which is $50 - $200 + and then you pick two sizes and a delivery date. You can “rent” the dress for 4 or 8 days. It arrives at your house in a garment bag and another garment bag already postaged so all you have to do after you wear it is put it back in the bag and send it away. You don’t even have to get it dry cleaned. The dresses you can “rent” retail for at least $200 some $500 some even more. I will be completely honest here and admit that I have not used RTR yet. So, what is my predicament you ask? I’m debating whether or not to hit up Bebe in search of a Kardashian inspired frock or “rent”, probably a Herve Leger since I’ve had my eye on these dresses for soooooo long now. I need your help and advice. What do you think ? ? ?

Herve Leger:: Golden Girl dress:: rent $200:: Retail:: $1,690 <---- Gaspppp, Sighhh

By the way, RTR is like Rue La La you need an invite so here is my link if you want to peek ::

Do I buy or do I rent ??? What's a girl to do ?
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