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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Lady Madonna... Children at your Feet

Target, Target, Target, … who doesn’t heart Target? Ok maybe a better question is who doesn’t own an item of clothing or an accessory from Target? Every girl does. Target is the place for essential staples like a white cotton T, a black tank top, simple flats, fancy flat sandals, gold earrings, the list keeps going. Now with the economy, stores like Target, WalMart, Khols, H&M, Forever 21 are exploding with designer collaborations. Let’s face it, not a lot of people have $1,000 these days to spend on a black t-shirt designed by Dolce and Gabbana. Therefore, designers are coming up with lines to put out in stores "normal people"-like me who have very little money- shop at, hoping to bring in revenue. Basically, everyone is suffering people even billion dollar fashion houses.

Why I heart Target? Target has two programs that bring in collaborations with designers. GO International “is an innovative program designed to provide affordable fashion created by emerging designers.” Target features another program titled Designer Collaborations. This “is an expansion of Target's existing designer fashion program and each collection is available only for a limited time. Designer Collaborations is a unique program that features well-established designers who draw inspiration from a collaborative partner, muse or creative element.” Seriously, could Target be any more fabulous. This just solidifies my love for Target.

The likes of Alexander McQueen, Rodarte, Cynthia Vincent, and others have all taken on the feat. Most recently Jean Paul Gaultier, best known for Madonna’s cone-bra ensemble. He has a talent that can be better seen on the runway, especially since his use in models has not ever really been standard. At times choosing men over women, full figured women, and other unknowns not imaginable to haute couture. He is a man with edge, mold-breaking ideas, and imaginative styles. Needless to say, I’m sure many were excited upon hearing he would be designing for Target. Here is where my honest opinion comes in. I think it fell flat. At least the pieces that I saw at the Target I shop at. They were seriously..... BaD. Striped blue/white tank with an anchor and tie at the bottom, faux silk tops including a black one with attached gold chains, a green polka dot silk lingerie dress, a pin stripe skirt with silver belt attached and matching coat, WHAT WAS HE THINKING ? ? I just didn’t get it. It was not cohesive, there was not story to any of his designs, and I felt like I was looking at cheap quality pieces some of which brought me back to my high school years. I can recall a specific memory of wearing a pin stripe skirt with matching jacket to school one day and feeling like a bad ass. I just was really let down. Sometimes it seems like these designers think they can skip on the details since they aren’t designing for high end clients or debuting their outfits in a fashion show. Honestly though it makes me look down on him as a designer. Apparently designing for "normal people" like each and every one of us just isn’t of particular importance to him so he scratched out some minor details. I give his performance a negative score. Sorry Jean, I won’t be purchasing any of your Target pieces any time soon. And in the future, if I do have the money, I plan on skipping your “designer” pieces too.

Let's do a comparison : :

_Jean Paul Gaultier-Spring/Summer 2010 off the runway: military green, gorgeous aesthetically sound suit with the resurrection once again of the cone bre: Madonna originally brought to life his cone bra design in the 90s.
Model at the end wears lingerie inspired piece.

_Jean Paul Gaultier-Spring/Summer 2010 off the runway: military inspired plus cone-bra: notice the tattoos on the models, he is a risk taker:


_First model in a tattoo inspired dress:Last model wears faux silk blue top:
I would not pay for any of these items, not worth it.

_Jean Paul Gaultier collection for Target: Mustard yellow dress, does not come with shirt underneath: Third model wears pink pleated skirt. I was not impressed by any of these pieces in person.

Also, not all designers performed as poorly as Jean Paul Gaultier. I have two pieces from the Rodarte collection that I am obsessed with!!
As a Side note: I believe April 25th Zac Posen will be debuting his collection for Target. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

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