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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Nobody Knows, Wildflower Still Grows

Spring. Light, natural colors. Bold, bright hues. You have a blank canvas to work with every time you choose an outfit. The outfits I picked above could be for date night, formal dinner, going out with friends, or just a casual gathering with family. This spring and summer I'm attempting to pick pieces I could wear in multiple ways without people noticing. It's very simple to take a top or skirt, mix and match, to then create a whole new look. The first outfit I chose with the white skirt is more fancy while the other two are casual. Pulling together different shoes, purses, jewelry will mold your outfit into whatever fashion mood your in, from fancy, to chic, to tomboy esque... Go out there, pick either one top or bottom (be it pants, a skirt) and test yourself. See if you can create three or more outfits that have completely renewed styles to them. It's fun and saves you money!
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