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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

I never seen you look so good . . . you never act the way you should

Acid Wash jeans are in. I know many of you are imagining yourselves as youngsters going to elementary school and so that might be your reason for not wanting to attempt this trend. . . but you should ! See, I love jeans. Even in the hot, summer, humid, sweaty days and nights, they are my staple. So when I was shopping and found a pair of Buffalo: David Bitton acid was jeans on sale, I had no other choice but to make the purchase. Tons of celebrities have been spotted wearing them but that’s not why you should test em out. I promise they are so much fun! You can wear them with anything; you can rock a t-shirt and go totally 80’s, or pair them with a nice blouse and dress them up. When I wore mine out, a girl said, “Nice acid wash jeans, what …. Are they like from eight grade?” I thought it was funny, fashion isn’t about being on trend or having everybody like everything you put on your body. YOU and only YOU need to be your own BEST CRITIC and decide what you like and what you wear. F*ck the rest!
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