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Monday, June 14, 2010

If you have to cry ..... Go outside

I've decided that not only will this blog be about my fashion obsessesions, which lately has been lacking, but also my life in general. I know I have mentioned this before but grad school is a time suck which is why I feel like this blog is sucking badly. I started it because I wanted something different, every single blogger or fashion magazine editor, socialite, who's who of the rich and famous have blogs about fashion but the truth is, the styles they talk about, nobody in the real world would be able to pull off. However, in the midst of my life being devoted to school, somewhere along the way this blog became nothing. I wanted it to be so much more. So, I guess now and again I will include tid bits of what I learn. Today I realized most importantly above everything one must be happy. This was while I was sobbing, hence why I have titled this If you have to cry ... Go outside which is a famous quote from Kelly Cutrone. The amazing PR leader of People's Revolution. During my sobbing I thought, if I was Kelly Cutrone's assistant I would quite grad school in one second, move to New York, live on the street if I had to and soak up all of her wisdom on public relations and fashion. This brought me to a haunting question, am i happy ?


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