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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Express Saleeeeee

MY MOO MOOOOO sweater: express $20.00 : black leggings with zipper detail by pockets : Forever 21: $20.00 : black long sleeve shirt: Max Rave: $9.99: Black leather boots :Gianni Bini on sale $50.00 : black hat : New York and Company : $15.00

Express always has an amazing sale after Christmas... the BOX sale. Yes it is a pain to dig through boxes but seriously if you need a staple, like a white t-shirt or long sleeve shirt, it is totally worth it. I recently just bought a christmas tree green long sleeve shirt for $10. A steal since I know I could wear it underneath sweaters, fancy it up with jeans and the right accesories, or even just to work out. Other purchases I ended up being really excited about were: a huge, comfy, grey, moo moo sweater that is so warm and best part : it was $20.00. The amount of material alone on this sweater is worth way more than that haha but again it is a versatile piece that I can wear with jeans, leggings, black pants and boots. Definitely worth the money. I ended up splurging on one item, a ( i guess lime green ) Herve Leger look a like bandage skirt. It was $60.00 but because of the color, it could be worn all year long. Fall, winter you could easily pair it with a pair of black tights and summer go bare legs with a lighter color shirt and sandals.
Soooooooooo..... I say hit up an Express store near you. The boxes await. The sale lasts until Monday. Clearance boxes start at $9.99 but now you get an extra 30% off!!!! Really, they are giving stuff away here people. Also, if you log on to the express website you can get a coupon for every $60.00 you spend, you get $15.00 off.
Now is the perfect time to go out and buy sweaters if you live somewhere cold. This time of year, you will get the best deals. Old Navy, Gap, Express, those stores always have awesome steals on sweaters.
I'm going to upload a picture of my moomoo grey baby that I love. Did I mention you could get away with eating anything with this sweater on, the style is comfortable and flexibile so you aren't constrained to the fabric. It is not a clingy sweater.. which I'm not really into clingy so ...
Go out there and try stuff on, be daring, be bold... be your best critic.
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MollDoll said...

Um Love express sale! i got an awesome pair of audrey hepburn cropped black pants for like 17 bucks! its worth the rummaging through for sure!

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