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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Oooh La La .... I have a secret

Scenario (April 2009):: I'm at a bar scanning the room, not for guys, but checking out outfits and accessories as usual. I spot a bag, not just any bag. A beautiful, white, leather, medium sized, wonderful, vibrant, amazing…. you get the idea, I’m gaga over the bag. I could tell it was a designer bag and could pretty much smell the real leather from where I was standing. I had two options: a) creepily make my way over to where the girl was and snag a feel of white chocolate or b) be a big girl, go make small talk, and then jump the girl and steal her purse. Ok I went with option c. I approached the girl and chatted, then complimented her fabulous purse. I was waiting to hear the price, the knife that would pierce my heart. My close-up enabled me to get some new details about it, it was definitely a Michael Kors and even prettier within inches of distance. Well, I eventually asked the inevitable and you won’t believe the news. The girl informed me she paid around $200.00 for it, seriously, seriously, seriously, how, where, when?????? I needed answers and fast. She went on to talk about a website,, in which you have to be invited in order to become a member. She explained that this website offers private sale prices for a number of designer clothes, accessories, handbags, jewelry, bedding, pretty much anything you can imagine. She had me at private sale prices. She was sweet enough to swap e-mail addresses and that was my in.

This is for all of you out there who don’t have the cash flow to spend the designer price tag. Rue La La is a division of Retail Convergence Inc and is really changing online shopping. It’s not an E-Bay or an Overstock, there is no anxiety that you won’t get what you paid for. Rue La La offers boutiques for two days, changing every two days. Betsey Johnson, French Connection, Rock and Republic, Tom Ford, Michael Kors.. to name a few. The boutiques are for men and women.

If you are interested, I’m offering you my link to go check it out for yourself. Trust me, You will not be disappointed.
Go out there and find your gaga bag.
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MollDoll said...

Also check out Billiondollarbabes/ and GILT Groupe

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