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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Topped it off with a pair of old shoes and thought .... these do Suit Mee

Call me Frugal Franny but these days .. who isn’t. I had to attend a school function tonight and was picking out an outfit. I decided to go with the safe jeans, tank top, and sweater so my tatas weren’t hanging out and I didn’t look like I was going to shake my ass at the club. I knew there was still room for error in my shoe selection. The sweater I wore was tan, black and had gold accents. I have a pair of plain black stilettos but I felt those were a little, hello my name is lucia and I strip on the weekends. My other choice was a pair of over the knee black boots (that I am absolutely obsessed with) but these felt a little like hello my name is lucia, I appeared alongside Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman. Then I saw them. A pair of black, two strap Mary Janes. I bought those years ago from a Bakers store in Philadelphia, I can not tell you how much they were because seriously these puppies are old. I’m talking high school old so at least five years but since I am a believer that you will always have somewhere to where a piece of clothing, I never throw anything away. You never know when somebody is going to invite you to a Britney Spears Hit me Baby One More Time look a like party. Anyways, the shoes were perfect. They were high but Mary Janes so definitely complemented the sweater. It wasn’t too much. Perfect for the atmosphere I was
wearing them in.

Mary Janes............

save the dayyyy

the moral of my short story is that you don't need to have the newest clothes, shoes, or accesories. I actually think it's more fun to take something that has been out of style for a while and attempt to mix it in a way that makes it new, fresh, and bold. Look through your closet and challenge yourself. Out with the old and in with the ..... well Old!



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